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Juice Can Make Your Gums and Teeth More Sensitive

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Janie Scholes
Juice Can Make Your Gums and Teeth More SensitiveThere's a lot of information on why soft drinks are not the best for your teeth's health. This makes a lot of people settle on fruit juices that can be made using fresh fruit.

As much as this is a great replacement of factory sugars with natural ones, most people fail to realize the dangers it poses. Fresh juices can be an equally bad choice for your oral health, especially when they contain acids.

How Exactly Is Juice Causing My Sensitivity?

The biggest culprits when it comes to juices causing sensitivity are orange, lime and lemon juice. These juices contain acids that damage your teeth and eventually your gums. Most acids are erosive. Therefore, when the acid in the juice reaches your mouth, it erodes your tooth enamel and weakens your gums.

When the gum line is weakened, it exposes more of the inner tooth. This acidic erosion eats at the dentine and leaves your inner tooth even more exposed. This means that the nerve center is also in the open, thus bringing on the sensitivity. Leaving the nerve center bare makes one feel every sensation that hits the tooth and is received as pain.

How Can I Deal With Sensitivity That Comes From Juices?

Knowing about juices and acidic erosion of the teeth is not meant to discourage you from ever enjoying a cool glass of orange juice. It's only meant to make you more aware of the amount of attention you need to give your teeth. Combining your juices with alkaline options is a smart move in acquiring the right pH for your mouth.

There are great teeth cleaning products that are also recommended to ensure you always restore the right pH conditions even after enjoying some acidic juices or foods. Give us a call at our office today and get more information about the options available for you.

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