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Sinus Augmentation in Chandler, AZ

Older Chandler, AZ woman smiling about her dental implants after successful sinus augmentation surgery.At Scholes Periodontics & Implants, we aim to help you increase your health with every procedure we perform. Sometimes, when you are having dental implants placed, we have to perform preliminary procedures to ensure that certain structures within your mouth and face are kept safe or to ensure you have adequate bone levels to support a dental implant. A sinus augmentation is one such preliminary procedure that some people must have done before they can have dental implants placed.

What is a sinus?

Your sinuses are empty cavities under your cheeks and above your upper, most rear molars. When you breathe through your nose, you are using your sinus cavities to carry the air. So why is it that we occasionally need to lift the sinuses? Sometimes the roots of the maxillary molars extend into the bottom of the sinus cavity. When the roots of these rear molars reach into the sinus cavity, there is often only a small amount of bone separating the sinus membrane from the jaw. Dental implants rely on a solid foundation of bone to support them and give them the strength to perform their duties. A sinus augmentation is performed to simultaneously lift the sinus membrane and add a bone graft that will allow for the placement of a dental implant into a solid foundation.

Sinus Augmentation Procedure

There are a few different ways to perform a sinus augmentation procedure. The most common way to do so is to make a small incision in the molar or premolar region to expose the jawbone. We will make an opening in the bone in this region and use it to access the sinus membrane. We will carefully reposition the sinus membrane into a higher position and fill the resulting cavity with bone grafting material.

The material that we use for bone grafts can come from a variety of sources. Sometimes we will use bone that is taken from the patient’s body, usually from the leg. We can use bone samples from animals with similar biological makeup like pigs. We can also use bone that comes from cadavers. We will discuss the best option for you before your surgery.

Once we have placed the graft material, we will suture the site closed with stitches. Recovery from sinus augmentation can anywhere from 2 to 8 months depending on your oral health and how fast your heal. Sometimes we can place the implant at the same time that we place the graft.

Post Operation Instructions

Sinus augmentation surgery presents the same challenges that all oral surgeries face. You will be sent home with detailed instructions on how to care for yourself following surgery. Feel free to take OTC medications like Advil and Tylenol to manage minor pain and any prescription pain medication that we give you if the pain is severe. Always take medications according to the directions and dosing instructions. Never blow your nose following sinus surgery. Nose bleeds are normal for the first week following surgery. If you can’t avoid sneezing, do not stifle the sneeze, instead sneeze with your mouth open.

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