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Oral Cancer Exam in Chandler, AZ

The American Cancer Society's most recent estimate for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers in the United States are for 2015:

•  About 39,500 people will get oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer.
•  An estimated 7,500 people will die of these cancers.
•  These cancers are more than twice as common in men as in women.
•  They are about equally common in blacks and whites.

Oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers occur most often in the following sites:

•  The tongue
•  The tonsils and oropharynx (the throat)
•  The gums, floor of the mouth, and other parts of the mouth
•  Other areas include the lips, the minor salivary glands (often the roof of the mouth), and other sites

According to the Mayo Clinic, some factors that can increase your risk of oral cancer include:

•  Tobacco use of any kind, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and snuff, among others
•  Heavy alcohol use
•  Previous oral cancer diagnosis
•  History of significant sun exposure, which increases the risk of lip cancer

Routine oral cancer screenings are an important part of prevention. When caught in the early stages, treatment is more successful. Dr. Scholes will perform a painless examination of your head, neck, and mouth to check for any unusual bumps, sores, or abnormal tissue. This type of thorough screening will also be performed at all of your periodontal maintenance appointments. Biopsy of any abnormal tissues can be performed in the comfort of our office. The biopsied tissue is then sent to a lab for analysis by an oral pathologist.

If you or a loved one is in or near Chandler, AZ contact us at (602) 900-1609 to schedule your comprehensive oral cancer examination!

Patient Testimonial

Patient riding a horse after recovering from oral cancer treatment by periodontist in Chandler, AZ."In the later part of 2012 I’d been suffering from soreness above my front tooth and found it necessary to see my good friend Dr. Kendall Scholes. Through the oral cancer screening process and biopsy they were able to identify that I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Fortunately, Dr. Scholes was able to assess the situation early enough to begin proper cancer treatment. I will be ever grateful to Dr. Scholes and his office staff for their kindness, treatment, and help in fighting this battle of cancer. We would highly recommend Dr. Scholes and his office to anyone needing a periodontist. Thanks again Dr. Scholes!" – D. Lamoreaux

Call Us: (602) 900-1609

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