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Guided Bone & Tissue Regeneration in Chandler, AZ

Before and after pictures of bone regeneration by a periodontist in Chandler, AZ.Bacteria from periodontal disease can destroy the bone that surrounds and supports your teeth. Often, there is so much destruction that surgery is needed to correct it. Advances in guided bone and tissue regeneration allow Dr. Scholes to rebuild and regenerate some of that bone.

During the procedure, Dr. Scholes will fold the gums back, clean infection out of the gums and bone, and fill in any voids in the jawbone around the affected teeth with bone graft material and growth factors. Growth factors, when added to bone grafting material, stimulate the surrounding bone to regenerate, creating greater support for your teeth. Your body naturally makes these growth factors in very small concentrations to help repair damage. Genetic engineering has allowed for the manufacturing of bio identical growth factors that contain a higher concentration than the body can produce. Use of this concentrated growth factor along with bone grafting helps to enhance bone and soft tissue regeneration and healing of the surgical area.

Before and after pictures of bone regeneration by a periodontist in Chandler, AZ.Dr. Scholes perform all procedures in the comfort of our office under local anesthetic. Most patients recover very quickly from guided bone and tissue regeneration procedures, often returning to their normal daily routine the same or next day. Healing is dependent upon a willingness to carefully follow post-operative instructions and oral hygiene recommendations, as well as routine follow up and maintenance appointments.

Our office is conveniently located in Chandler, AZ. Please call today at (602) 900-1609 to schedule an appointment to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums!
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At our office, Dr. Scholes offers guided bone and tissue regeneration to rebuild and strengthen bones surrounding the teeth. Call to book a consultation today!
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