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Tooth Extraction

Tools used for Tooth Extraction in Chandler, ArizonaThere is no need to endure the annoying unbearable pain and discomfort of a toothache. Here at Scholes Periodontics & Implants, we care and find ways to eradicate it using modern techniques for tooth extraction. After a thorough examination, the best solution is served to assure you of comfort and that there will be no complications. Some damaged decaying teeth are unpleasant and bothersome and will affect your daily activities. So why suffer and be uneasy? Instead of prolonging the pain, visit our office and have it extracted.

Perception on Dental Extraction

Oral health is a must, so we must be aware of the condition of our teeth and be conscious if there are any infections. Any signs of discomfort should be examined as to minimize or avoid the risk of dental problems, cases of which may cause tooth decay, a gum or periodontal disease, an impacted tooth or a need to realign teeth in cases of orthodontia and dentures. Many are afraid of having a tooth removed due to the extraction pain, but we have modern technology with techniques to make everything as swift and comfortable as it can be for the patient.

How Extraction is Done

Local anesthetic is applied to numb the area before tooth extraction. Before extraction, the medical history, as well as dental treatment details, are collected to determine allergies or medicine complexities we will need to be aware of.
A dentist performs a simple extraction wherein an elevator, and a forceps is used to pull out a tooth. However, for complicated cases like a broken and impacted tooth, an oral surgeon surgically extracts the teeth. Both procedures are careful about infection, pain, and inflammation. Although there is a lesser adverse effect with simple extraction. Pressure is expected to be felt but not much pain. After extraction, there is some swelling and mostly a residual bleeding, but nothing to worry about as it is a normal occurrence.

Recovery and Safety

Medicines like painkillers and antibiotics such as ibuprofen are prescribed for wound care and fast recovery. Gradually the socket will be filled in. Our dentists provide recommendations on how to care for the area not only for your healing process but also for your safety.

Permanent teeth are designed to last. Unfortunately, some factors hinder it, and the need for tooth extraction arise. Some have had bad experiences previously with a dentist, and they fear to do it again. However, with us, you are certain to be comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Visit us so we can discuss your situation and come up with a plan of action. Our modified technology in dental service delivers a pain-free, speedy recovery and comprehensive treatment. We provide a minimally invasive procedure. Follow up care is necessary for extractions to make sure the site is healing properly. Detailed instructions for medicine intake and proper diet are given to patients for pain management and prevent after extraction complications. Once the extraction is complete and healed, you can expect the pain and discomfort to diminish, allowing you to return to your normal, everyday experiences.

If you would like to know about tooth extractions or would like to schedule an appoint with Scholes Periodontics & Implants, call our office at (602) 900-1609 today.

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