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Does Smoking Actually Hurt Your Gums Directly?

Posted on 2/10/2018 by Janie Scholes
Smoking Scholes Periodontics & Implants AZ 85224Smoking does a wide assortment of things to the body, the mouth and the mind. It can cause a lot of turmoil in the person that is smoking without them even knowing until the time comes for them to quit the product.

When they do, they will notice that the tobacco and nicotine products controlled their actions and who they are. The smoke from these products directly touches the teeth and gums, causing much more oral damage than you can imagine.

The Effects of Smoking on Your Oral Health

Your oral health means a lot to you and this means being able to have a healthier, brighter, whiter smile overall. When you do not think about the smoking that you do and your oral health, you're doing more damage than you think to your teeth and gums.

Smoking causes circulation problems in the body, including the circulation that the gums need to be healthy and send healthy nutrients to the teeth. Due to this, receding gums and increased decay can happen on the outside of the teeth.

Additionally, when the person continues to smoke, this causes staining on the outside of the teeth that is unsightly. It can start to build up when the smoke sits on the teeth, which in turn causes even more decay and cavities. Smokers generally have more oral health issues and repairs required, as well as losing their teeth at an earlier age than others.

Speak with us here at our office to find out how we can help get you a brighter, healthier smile overall. We can also provide more information on being able to stop smoking so that you can get your smile back once again! It can be worth it to have a smile that is sweeping the nation and is healthy because of the tobacco cessation.

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