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How Tap Water Helps with Treating Gum Disease

Posted on 10/10/2019 by Janie Scholes
How Tap Water Helps with Treating Gum DiseaseEveryone knows that drinking water is great for your health. It keeps you cool, hydrated and deals with hunger false alarms. What they don't know is that the rewards start as early as from the moment it enters their mouth. There's a lot of advantages that come from having water go through your mouth as is flows into your body.

How Do My Gums And Teeth Benefit From Water?

First and foremost, we take water to wash down food debris left in our mouths after eating. This helps remove potential sugars that could be left there and cause buildup. This act also saves us from bad breath as small food particles are eliminated before getting a chance to rot in there. Flushing water down your mouth helps reduce the bacteria lodging on top your teeth and gums. This means that there is little action of plaque converting free sugars into acids which bring about tooth decay.

What Is The Relationship Between Water And Gum Disease?

Gum disease is brought on by increased blood pumping to the gums which makes them swollen, red in color and susceptible to easy bleeding. When the microbial biofilm called plaque forms around the gums and teeth, it brings about the inflammation which is painless but dangerous when left unchecked.

This is why it is important to flush down water every now and then as it helps get rid of the formative particles. The gum disease bacteria enjoy a dry and warm environment. By drinking water, you disrupt that and reduce their efficiency.

Tap water that has fluoride is important in fighting off gum disease as it helps strengthen your teeth's enamel and protect from tooth decay. It is important to get checked regularly at our dental clinic and learn more about using water to your teeth's advantage.

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