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Top Questions About Bleeding Gums We Hear

Posted on 5/10/2019 by Janie Scholes
Top Questions About Bleeding Gums We HearBleeding gums is not something that should be ignored. Gingivitis and other stages of periodontal disease are often detected by the most obvious symptom which is bleeding gums. So, what do you do about it? How much bleeding is normal? Let's look at some of the common questions we get about bleeding gums and what to do about it.

Don't Ignore It

One of the more common things we hear from patients who have a little bit of bleeding when they brush or floss their teeth is “Is that normal?” In short, the answer is no, it is not. Bleeding gums is a signal that there is a deeper, more serious issue. Infection may be present in the gum tissue around the root of the tooth. This infection, if ignored and left untreated, can spread to the bone and deep tissue in the mouth and lead to bone loss, deeper infection and tooth loss.

If you have recently changed or started a new flossing routine, a little bleeding at first may be normal, but after about a week, if you still notice bleeding, please call our office and schedule an appointment.

Another common situation we see is pregnant women who develop bleeding gums. This is commonly called pregnancy gingivitis and is simply inflammation of the gums that can very easily lead to swelling and tenderness in the mouth. Again, it is not something to be ignored and if you are pregnant and experiencing bleeding gums, please call our office for an appointment.

Prevention is the key when it comes to periodontal disease. Brushing twice daily, flossing regularly and using a mouthwash can greatly reduce your risk of developing gum disease. If you do notice that you have begun to bleed when you brush or floss your teeth, please don't hesitate to give us a call for a checkup.

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