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How Digital X-rays Help with Gum Disease

Posted on 6/29/2016 by Scholes Periodontics & Implants
Dentist showing xray Scholes PerioDigital x-rays are becoming the way of the dental world today and with good reason! They provide instant results and allow us to manipulate the images so that we can have a close look at what is going on inside your mouth. One of the areas that benefit from digital x-rays the most is gum disease. With the ability to catch this disease even earlier, digital x-rays have transformed the oral health of many patients already!

Lower Levels of Radiation

Prior to digital x-rays, many patients were leery about having x-rays performed often. Many patients would decline the x-rays, which meant diagnosis of gum disease was dependent on the physical exam. This meant that many early cases could be overlooked as there was not an inside view of what was going on. The good news is that with digital x-rays, the exposure to radiation is 90%; less, which means that there is no reason to turn down those x-rays, allowing us to see if you are experiencing gum recession, bone loss, or possible tooth loss.

Faster Appointments

Digital x-rays provide instantaneous results that are portrayed on a screen right in front of you. This allows us to discuss your issues right then, while you are in the dental chair. With standard x-rays, we had to wait for the film to develop and then have a consultation with you. While this was effective, it was not as efficient, which meant longer appointments. Now our patients know what is going on inside their mouth right away, allowing us to work together to create the proper treatment plan.

Accurate Results

Because we are able to manipulate the images the way we need to, we are easily able to see the amount of bone loss that you have experienced as a result of gum disease. We can also have a close look at your tooth's roots and how well your teeth are hanging in there as a result of the infection residing in your mouth. If we are considering implants to replace the infected teeth, we are able to see the location of the bones and sinuses, to determine if a lift or graft is necessary to make the areas ready for dental implants.

Preparing for Surgery

If we do decide that you need gum surgery to repair the damage done by the gum disease, we will be able to see the issues right away with digital x-rays. Whether you need flap surgery in order for us to gain access to the bone to remove infection or regeneration surgery, where we help to restore the bone and tissue that has been affected by the infection, we will be able to accurately determine the surgery you need to have a positive outcome and to preserve your oral health.

Digital x-rays are not harmful and can be very beneficial when we are dealing with gum disease. Because gum disease can be so detrimental to your oral health, we need to help you determine its severity right away. The earlier that your gum disease is treated, the more success you will realize. If you have denied x-rays in the past, we encourage you to consider digital x-rays as they provide the most accurate look at your gums, bones, and teeth to ensure that you are able to keep your natural teeth rather than requiring you to need tooth extraction and replacement in the near future.

If you are worried about gum disease, please call us today for an appointment. We will be happy to assist you with our digital x-ray machines and helpful staff!

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