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Are your Gums Trying to Tell you Something?

Posted on 7/10/2016 by Janie Scholes
Illustration of tooth and gums Scholes PerioDo you pay attention to the warning signs that your mouth provides you when something is wrong? Don't feel bad if you don't - many of us are guilty of getting so busy that we just go through the motions day after day, not really paying attention to our oral health. The problem is, however, that you are putting your teeth and even your physical health at risk if you continue to ignore what your gums are trying to tell you. If you have any of the following signs, it is time to figure out what is going on with your mouth and get the help that you need.


Are your gums red or swollen?

This is the first sign of gingivitis. Many people overlook it though, thinking that their gums are just irritated or they are dealing with hormone changes at the time. Each of these cases could be true, but you will not know for sure unless you have a full exam. Swollen gums are often the first sign of early gum disease - the only form of gum disease that can be reversed. If you let your gum disease gets any worse (if you have it) then you put yourself at risk for serious oral health issues down the road - even tooth loss!

Do your gums bleed?

This is another sign that many of us overlook. Isn't a little blood normal? Maybe you think that you just brushed too hard and damaged your gums, so you chalk it up to that and move on. Again, this is a sign of early gum disease, which could be easily treated if you see us right away. Even the smallest tinge of blood in the sink warrants a phone call to us - you never know how severe the gum disease is unless you come to see us.

Do your teeth look longer?

Are you suddenly feeling like your teeth have elongated? Do not ignore this sign of gum disease. This typically means that your gums have receded, which means you have no more protection at the roots of your teeth. This is not always a definite determinate that you have gum disease. It could be a sign that you are brushing too hard or are experiencing hormonal changes, but it is definitely a reason to be seen. If your gums are receding as a result of gum disease, it means the illness has advanced and you will need treatment to help reverse the damage that is occurring.

As you can see, there are many ways that your gums could be telling you that something is wrong. If you suddenly feel like your gums have been telling you these things for a while, it is time to come in for an evaluation. Sometimes our patients are lucky enough to find out that it is simply hormonal issues they are dealing with or that they just need to brush a little lighter, but other times, we find that they do in fact have gum disease and need subsequent treatment. Wouldn't you rather know what is going on with your mouth so that you can minimize the damages that occur as a result of having gum disease? If gum disease goes untreated, you could be at risk for eventual tooth loss - isn't it worth finding out if you have the early signs of this disease today?

If you are worried about your risks for gum disease, please call our office today to make an appointment. We will help you determine your risk factors and what you can do to minimize your chances of having gum disease.

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