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Improve your Smile with Crown Lengthening

Posted on 7/20/2016 by Scholes Periodontics & Implants
Blonde woman with hair in face Scholes PerioMany patients come to see us because they are unhappy with their smile. They don't know what they can do to fix it, but they are desperate. The good news is that there are many services that are available to improve your smile, including crown lengthening. This procedure is done for patients that have excessive gums.

They feel like their teeth are short and all that you see are gums when they smile. This could cause many patients to stop smiling as a result, which can have a direct impact on their personality and even their self-esteem. People that don't smile are often considered "stuck up" or rude.

This procedure is used for both cosmetic and restorative purposes and is completed with great success.

How does it Work?

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure done in our office. It involves us eliminating the excess tissue in your mouth to expose more of your tooth. Sometimes a little bone needs to be removed as well. This helps to make your teeth look longer. The actual length of your teeth remains the same - it is just the process of removing the tissue that allows more of the tooth to be exposed. This procedure is sometimes used in cases where the gum line is not symmetrical, giving the appearance of an uneven smile. The surgery is done with local anesthetic. After you are numb, the gums are cut and the excess tissue is removed. Once the tissue is removed, the gums are stitched back up.

The Advantages

The good news is that crown lengthening is a permanent procedure. You will not need to have it performed again because the tissue will not grow back. This is just one of the advantages. The most obvious advantage is the improvement of your smile, which is the goal of most patients. You will now have the ability to smile without the embarrassment of having "short teeth." In addition, many patients do not realize that crown lengthening can actually help their oral health. Teeth that are hard to brush can have decay and infection. When there is more tooth to brush and floss, there is a better chance of a healthier mouth, which everyone benefits from in the long run.

What is the Recovery?

Recovery from crown lengthening is not too bad. You will be sore and will be given a prescription for pain medication for a few days. You will also have to alter your diet for a few days, opting for a liquid or soft diet as the area heals. Total healing will take place over a period of 3 months, but you will not experience pain or have to alter your diet for that long. Just the first few days are the most crucial to alter your diet and manage your pain.

Crown lengthening is a good procedure for many people. It is most popular for those that are unhappy with their smile, but it can be beneficial for those that suffer from excessive tooth decay or infection. We encourage you to talk to us about this procedure to see if it would benefit you. While considered a cosmetic procedure, it can have an impact on your entire life and your oral health. We will discuss the pros and cons with you to see if it is a procedure that would benefit your oral health overall.

Please call our office today to set up your evaluation - we are happy to discuss crown lengthening with you and what you should expect. We are excited to help you get your oral health back on track!

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