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Dental Implants Mean You Don't Have to Worry about Gum Disease - Right?

Posted on 11/25/2016 by Scholes Periodontics & Implants
Illustration of dental implant Scholes PerioYou have just lost a tooth, and in order to improve the structure and function of your smile, you have invested in a dental implant. That was a great decision, as you now have a permanent replacement that is filling in the gap, preventing the rest of your teeth from shifting around and reabsorption of the jaw bone. You don’t even have to concern yourself about gum disease- right? Wrong!

Many people make the mistake of believing that once they have dental implants, oral health isn’t as important. In reality, you’ll still need to care for your mouth and your implants just as diligently as you would have cared for your natural teeth, because even implants are susceptible to gum disease. Some dental researchers believe that as many as 50% of implants are afflicted with gum disease.

Even with dental implants, plaque and tartar are going to accumulate on your tooth and at the gum line, causing irritation and possibly even leading to gingivitis or periodontitis. In fact, implants could be even more susceptible to breakdown due to bacteria than the natural teeth, so you’ll have to be thorough with your oral are routine.

Now that you have dental implants, make sure that you are continuing to follow up with your dentist every six months for exams and cleanings. If you fail to do so, your gum disease could get out of control, causing your implant to loosen from the jaw.

In fact, failing to care for your implants properly can cause a condition known as peri-implantits. This infection occurs if bacteria are found in your mouth during oral surgery or after the procedure without proper dental care. The result could be gum inflammation, but the jawbone found around your dental implant could also be affected, leading to implant failure.

Please contact us if you have any questions about dental implants.

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